Over forty fit club

Meal Plans. Workouts. Motivation.

Designed specifically for busy women over 40 who want to destroy stubborn belly fat, build lean muscle, and dominate the second half of life.

It's finally time to rebuild the old you.

Over forty fit club

Meal Plans. Workouts. Motivation.

Designed specifically for busy women over 40 who want to destroy stubborn belly fat, build lean muscle, and dominate the second half of life.

It's finally time to rebuild the old you.

"what is the over forty fit club?"

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Make a positive, permanent change in your life right now.

Welcome to the over forty fit club!

We're the experts in getting women over 40 back into killer shape.

If you’re anything like the women in our tribe, amidst the busyness of life, work and family, your health has slipped. You have packed on some serious belly fat and can’t seem to get rid of it. On top of that, your health struggles seem to creep into the other areas of your life leaving you exhausted, unmotivated, and insecure.

Deep down you’ve always known that you need to focus on your health. You want to be inspired and excited about staying healthy & losing the fat. And you know that you need a clear-cut plan that is proven to work for your body. You also want someone on your team to help motivate you to get the job done.

You dream of rebuilding the “old you.” Lean. Confident. Energetic. And here’s the great news… you’ve finally found the personalized program that will help…

You're just one click away from a happier, healthier you.

Let me introduce myself...

my name is mac cassity and I am here to help you.

I have been a certified trainer since 1993 and I have personally trained thousands of women, owned several fitness facilities, and seen an insane amount of misinformation provided by so called “fitness gurus” it makes me sick… and this is exactly why I created the OFFC for women like you…

I am committed to helping busy women over 40 get the weight off, eat properly to burn fat, and find their motivation to live strong and healthy for the rest of their lives…

Throughout my experience training & coaching women, I’ve developed a proven system that has transformed the lives and health of thousands of people and their families…

Get personalized training & finally get rid of your stubborn belly fat.

"...does mac actually get results?"


Make a positive, permanent change in your life right now.

I Know What You're Thinking...

"but how is the over forty fit club different, mac?"

Look, most of the online programs that exist now have tens of thousands of members…everyone is just a number… if you quit or you’re not active, no one will ever know… I don’t want that for you!

I not only want to motivate you to complete daily workouts, but I want you asking questions and sharing your struggles that way I can better serve you individually. This is why we cap our club at 1000 members so that everyone can get personalized attention…

If you’re ready to get inspired and see what’s possible for you, I urge you to get started now and start transforming your life today…

Lose your fat & keep it off forever.

Here's my 4-Step approach for proven results

THESE FOUR STEPS are guaranteed to get you RESULTS WITHIN just 19 DAYS...


This is the life-altering, 19 day fat loss program you have been waiting for. Join the club now and you’ll get immediate access to this scientifically proven program! You’re just 19 days away from a healthier, slimmer you.


A healthy diet is the cornerstone of ANY serious fitness program. Sign up for the club now and get our proprietary meal planning software that takes the guesswork out of what you need lose fat and more importantly KEEP IT OFF.


New workout videos are released everyday and documentation is included with each workout. Each day focuses on a different type of 30-45 minute workout with expert exercise instruction.


Let’s be honest… we can all use some accountability to stay on track. Ask questions, get delicious recipes, share your successes, read other people’s journeys, and get motivated daily when you join the club!

Join the club & do these 4 simple steps. You'll see the weight fall off or your money back.

WARNING! Even though I have changed the health of thousands of women, this club is NOT for everybody...

The OFFC is WRONG for you if...

  • You think "simple" means "no hard work." Dream on. Every weight loss, nutrition, and exercise plan requires work. SMART WORK - but you have to put in effort. I've just made it as easy and simple as possible for you...
  • You don't want to change the way you're eating. I cover some very simple & highly-effective dietary changes that you will need to make to see the results you want. You will not be eating pizza, burgers, and ice cream every day and wake up to the body of your dreams...
  • You refuse to dedicate a few hours PER WEEK to exercise. I've designed this program so that you can perform these at home or at the gym. If you're not willing to exercise at all, this system is not right for you...

Here's What You Get Inside The Club:

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Take control of your life & start getting fit today!

lean in 19 program

  • The absolute best scientifically proven fat loss program. Lean In 19 is a scientifically PROVEN 19 Day Fat Loss program that has helped HUNDREDS of women just like you kickstart fat loss and achieve a new SLIMMER body...
  • A healthier, slimmer you in only 19 days. More than 300 people have completed this program directly through me and no one has lost less than 5lbs of fat, and some as much as 15 or more in only 19 days...

VALUE: $97.00

simple & safe daily workouts

  • Shred the fat & get lean. New videos are released each day featuring different types of workouts…upper body, lower body, full body, fat loss/cardio, abs/core, & much more...
  • Easy to follow guides. We include documentation that outlines the workout so you can follow it online OR print it out. This includes a built in timer to help you complete the workout as well...
  • Reach all of your fitness goals FAST. Every video will be archived based on the type of workout so you can always find a workout to help you reach your exact goals!

VALUE: $49 / month

Your Personal trainer™

  • 75+ how-to mini videos. These show you exactly how to do ALL the exercises that will be included in the workouts...
  • Everything you need to get in shape & stay lean. Videos will include warmups, dumbbell exercises, resistance band exercises, body weight moves, & more!...
  • Why pay $60/session for a personal trainer when you have one at the click of a button?

VALUE: $180 / month

OFFC Meal Planner™

  • Incredible meal-planning software that keeps you accountable to your goals. Our proprietary software makes meal planning virtually stress free...
  • Eat healthy and burn fat. Eating right is the cornerstone of ANY serious fitness program and this software will be your secret weapon.

VALUE: $39 / month

members-Only group access

  • A personalized approach to getting in shape. You will get access to our exclusive, members-only Facebook group. Think of this as your own personal fitness coach...
  • Ask questions, share progress, and get motivated. This is the place where additional content will be found including recipes, additional exercises vids, equipment reviews, interviews with other fitness professionals and more...

VALUE: $29 / month


  • Get supplement recommendations from a licensed professional. There are millions of supplements out there. I want the absolute best for you though. Whether you are on a budget or willing to pay top dollar, I'll show you what options are best for you.
  • What equipment is right for you? Everyone has a unique situation, so I provide you with different equipment recommendations to suit your body and lifestyle.

VALUE: $49.99


But i do not want to charge you that

I know what you’re thinking. “Wow, that’s a lot!” and we were thinking the exact same thing… I’m not here to make a quick buck though. I’m here to change lives and improve the health of women across the globe…

This is exactly why I wanted to make this club as affordable as possible so that you can reach your goals without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a personal trainer…

Our Affordable pricing:

Why pay $60/hour for a personal trainer when you have one at the click of a button?


Normally $19 / Month

$ 0


Hurry! Only 500 total spots available before we close the club!
Includes a 30-day money back guarantee!


Normally $179 / Year



Hurry! Only 500 total spots available before we close the club!
Includes a 30-day money back guarantee!

our 30 day money back guarantee:

We GUARANTEE that you will see results if you complete the Lean in 19 program. If you sign up for the Over Forty Fit Club, complete the Lean in 19 program, login at least 19 days, and DO NOT go down at least 1 clothing size, you can get a refund for the cost of the club.

Safe & secure checkout:

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Get instant access to the club. Make a permanent change right now. start improving your life today.

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