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There are a million good reasons to put off your fitness goals

I've tried everything to lose weight, but nothing works!
I can't do that workout, I’m not in good enough shape.
I’m not so young anymore, I don’t think I can get truly fit.

Meet the program that women over 40 love

There’s nothing worse than those limiting beliefs that say you’re not enough, and not capable. They become your clutch; your prime excuse for not succeeding.
But you can be as successful and fit as you want to be. The only person to compare yourself to is YOU! So forget the excuses because we’re here to show you how to reach your health and fitness goals–the right way.

There are a million good reasons to put off your fitness goals

No more cookie-cutter workouts for women.
No more industry lies and bullsh*t.

If you’re like other women, you’ve tried fitness programs before, and they just didn’t stick. With Over Forty Fit Club, you get the personal support you need to get fit, healthy, and feel incredible.
And most importantly:
You need a plan that works with your unique body type and fitness goals.
With our premium membership, you’ll receive a fitness and diet plan that’s right for you–wherever you’re at.

Your expert personal trainer Mac Cassity will motivate you at every step of the way, until you reach your goals.

You’ll get your questions answered, and doubts cleared whenever you need support.


Achieve your objectives for a healthy body, and a strong mindset too
Over Forty Fit Club member Lil Conover and her results in working with Mac and completing the Over Forty Fit Club Lean in 19 program

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Custom-made workouts

Whether it’s for weight loss, health goals, strengthening your body, or feeling more confident, you’ll receive your very own signature workouts. Reach your goals with our custom plans for your unique body type and age.

Real-time LIVE workouts

Get access to live online workouts each week with expert certified trainer Mac Cassity. Adapted for every fitness level, respect where you’re at while connecting with your tribe.

Delicious meal plans

You don’t have to count calories to lose weight. Enjoy our delicious, fat-melting recipes that are personalized to your dietary needs and fitness goals, and that your family will love too!

Discounts on everything

Enjoy premium discounts on all of our additional 1 on 1 coaching services, customized personal fitness plans, supplements, and products. We want to support your journey in every possible way!

COMMUNITY support in a private Facebook group

Consider this powerful group your fitness family. You’ll be able to share your experiences with other women, connect, empower each other, and celebrate your achievements in our private Facebook group. You’ll also have access to your personal trainer to ask your questions at any time.

Specialized programs

Uplevel your overall health and enjoy FREE access to our specialty program, Lean in 19. You’ll lose 5-15 pounds of fat through our guided intermittent fasting program, in just 19 days.


Mary Cwik

Joining Over Forty Fit Club (OFFC) has really helped me to take back control over my fitness and nutrition. It was the jolt that I needed after gaining weight during Covid. The online support from Mac and the other women participating to be very motivating.

Jennifer Kennedy

Mac's program the Over Forty Fit Club has been a perfect fit for my busy life. He does a fantastic job motivating his clients via the Facebook group page, emails and even personalized support.

Melanie Wood

I am a proud member of the Over Forty Fit Club and I can honestly say that Mac is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all things diet, exercise and nutrition. Whenever I’m stuck, or in a rut,

Deb Salim

I am a gym rat! I love and live to try new workouts and gyms and fitness studios. I have belonged to national gyms and local gyms staying just long enough to get comfortable, then bored, and then I quit

Lil Conover

I’ve worked with Mac for more than 9 years, from his bootcamp classes, to personal training and with the OFFC. He takes fitness and nutrition seriously, and his wealth of knowledge, experience, and motivation have kept on track time and again.
Mac Cassity, certified personal trainer
About The Trainer

Meet your trainer.

Mac Cassity is a certified personal trainer with over 27 years of experience. Having trained thousands of women over 40 to reach their goals, he’s developed a true focus and ability to understand their unique fitness needs.
He’s known to be funny, motivating, and accessible for his clients. Mac also keeps up to date with the latest fitness trends, upgrading his expertise with new certifications each year.
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Weekly online live workouts
Personalized guidance
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Healthy and delicious meal plans
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$7 per month

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